Have you ever been around a young child that asked, “Why?” to everything?

Don’t touch the stove! (Why?)

Don’t talk to me that way! (Why?)

Don’t drink that! (Why?)

Don’t take your pants off in church! (Why?)

(Lets pretend there is no God or afterlife)

It is aggravating for us adults when these children ask us these questions. We, as adults or young adults have accepted the Normal Morality of society or culture without question in almost every ideal. We don’t question ideas such as wearing clothes. I know this sounds crazy but seriously ask yourself why you do such a thing as cover your body with clothes. Why? Common scientific thought classifies us as animals. What other animals do you know of that wear clothes? I know this example sounds strange but if you just think about it instead of reverting back to automatic instilled ideals you will find this very disturbing. We are the only animals that exist that cover our bodies. Why?

How about sex? Why is rape wrong? Animals do it. Are apes Monogamous? No, an ape gets what an ape wants. In the world of apes, might makes right. Why is murder wrong? Why is Genocide wrong? Here is an example of a possible conversation involving morals without absolutes.


JACKSON: “Hey Billy is rape wrong?”

BILLY BOB: “Well yea rape is wrong. It is unethical and immoral.”


BILLY BOB: “It’s my personal view. It’s wrong. You can’t just rape people”

JACKSON: So Because it is your personal view that makes it wrong or immoral?”

BILLY BOB: “Yes thats right”

JACKSON: “So was Hitlers personal view of exterminating all the supposedly genetically inferior humans moral or immoral”

BILLY BOB: “That is obviously immoral!”

JACKSON: “But that was Hitlers personal view. You said that it was your personal view that made you right. How is Hitlers Personal view less equal than yours”

BILLY BOB: “Hitler was mentally sick and unstable that is why his personal view is so skewed.”

JACKSON: “OK, so it is your personal opinion that Hitlers mind was sick and unstable”

BILLY BOB: ” Yes….” 

JACKSON: “So are you in fact saying that because your personal view of Hitler was that he was mentally sick and unstable gives you rights to rate your personal view higher? Doesn’t that just come back to your personal view?

BILLY BOB: “Well it’s not just me! Jeez…. Its society. My view alone doesn’t make Hitler wrong because obviously 1 -1=0 which just cancels out but culture and the majority are with me. That makes my opinion right. 

JACKSON: “So if you lived in Germany during the Holocaust, because the majority agreed with Hitlers personal view, that made him right and moral in creating genocide. Remember Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor by speeding up the process of evolution and getting rid of inferior genetics.

BILLY BOB: “I don’t know. Good exists somewhere or we wouldn’t have it and Hitler wasn’t doing good things”

JACKSON: “Thats still just your personal view.”

BILLY BOB: ” Whatever.”


I will discuss this further in the next Blog. If you disagree with me and believe you can explain ethics without the use of absolutes please comment on this blog.



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