Everyone has heard the idea of, “Moderation in all things,” also refereed to as the Golden Mean. I am here to make the argument that this does not work. Read through this and let your brain work and hurt as you wrestle with this largely accepted idea.


Before we dive into moderation, we must take a look at universalism. In order for an idea in philosophy to work, it has to be universal. The definition of “universal” could take an entire paper to define, however a simple definition is, “universal ideas are applicable or common to all purposes, conditions, and situations.” Ideas such as good, evil, and love are often seen as universal. Logically, for universal ideas to exist there must be some sort of order to the universe. From the make up of human DNA, to the working ecosystems of the world, we can see order in the universe. What this implies is there has to be an orderer. It is illogical to believe order ordered itself. If you claim to be an atheist you must believe there is no order due to your belief in no orderer, unless you believe in aliens. However, the belief in aliens does not solve this issue due to the fact that aliens must have come from somewhere. (Note: Arguing that God must have come from somewhere is irrelevant. As finite beings we cannot expect to understand an infinite being. To limit God to the rules of his own creation is illogical. God was never created. If you give this attribute to aliens then you are describing God and you are in fact a believer in God or Gods.) Evolution does not explain the phenomenon of order. Now, lets look at Evolution. The first cell, molecule or whatever must have been brought about somehow by something. A cell cannot bring itself into existence. Even the idea itself fails. In order for ideas to exist in a comprehensive way there must be structure to the idea. Where did this structure come from. It came from the structurer. Universal ideas demand order, order demands an orderer, and an orderer can only be defined by a being with the capability to create. This cancels out higher ideas as a definition to God. With ideas established as universal we can add attributes such as moderation in ideas, excessiveness in ideas, or lacking in ideas without mass confusion. Ideas such as love, hate, faith, God, sin,exercise, eating, fighting, etc are good examples.


Buddhists live by the saying, “Follow the middle way.” This means Moderation in all things. Buddhist live to cease suffering. They claim that suffering comes through desires. Therefore, in order to cease suffering we must cease desiring. Any statement that is self defeating can not be held as reliable. A Buddhist must desire to cease desiring. By trying to succeed in “Nirvana” they defy their own rules. A Buddhist would say to you that this a problem that can not be fixed. I would say, “No, give me something that works universally and not something that contradicts itself.” Buddhists do not believe in God as a being with definition. If they do it is more like an idea. They do however believe in beings in higher realms known as “devas.” Devas are also suffering from desires which therefore puts them in the same category as us, taking away the possibility of them being Gods.


If you are a Christian and you believe “Moderation in all Things,” then we have a problem. This is very simple. “All things” implies everything. Murder, Rape, Pediphelia, and other things that many would deem sick and unnatural. Should we be moderate in these things. No. The saying then changes, “Moderation in Most Things.” This implies that we only be moderate in what is biblical. Who defines which biblical attributes we are to be moderate in? So does this mean that we should be moderate in our relationship with God? How about your relationship with your spouse? How would you feel if your spouse said to you, “Hey honey! Today I moderately Love you!” This does not work. I have completely tossed this system of thought out of my philosophy. Unless I find better proof I will not change my views.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. Ecclesiastics 9:10.

I will do, to the best of my ability, everything God has called me to do, to the best of my ability.

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2 thoughts on “Moderation??

  1. cindyrsandifer

    i like this train of thought. it makes perfect sense. one thing i was thinking while reading your comments on buddhism: wouldn’t the desire and the striving to resist ALL forms of desire be an act of extremism? how could this radical form of pessissism ever be perceived to be moderate???

    • Yes! That makes sense. Buddhists should be moderate in their attempt to cease desiring which can not happen because it is such an extreme position. That position cannot logically be defined as moderate. Another problem with this system of thought. That is a good observation.

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