As I sit here studying for my final in Ethics and Theology, I am struck by something. America became America because people could not find religious freedom (Christianity) and left to find new territory where they would be free to do so. It was freedom of religion that moved people to do this great thing called America. Today as I sit in this cafe’ studying, I see an incredible variety of food, flat screen TV’s, many laptops, tons of stylish clothes, an overabundance of lights, nice tile floor, gorgeous architecture, etc…. Let me be clear, it is not wrong to have stuff. It is wrong to worship stuff. America is becoming a wasteland of consumerism, at the same time we see America as greatest country in the world.

Are we the greatest country because of our consumer attitude? What currently defines us as the greatest country? Is it our military? Is it freedom of Religion, which is beginning to fade to some extent. No prayer in schools, no support of creationism in Universities (watch Expelled) , and morality is no longer defined by anything that transcends humanity. When Morals and Ethics are defined by culture’s opinions, which change, we are in a bad position.

Im not putting tons of thought into this post, I don’t even have a main thesis, just throwing my thoughts out. It feels good to just splurge after writing research papers that had a clear theme, supporting sources, certain amount of words, and blah blah blah.

I guess what I would like to say is, how close as Christians can we get to “Stuff” before it turns into idolatry? As we enter the most important event in the History of creation, let us remember that Christmas is not about candy, toys, movies, food, clothes, football, or even if I can go so far as to say church (only if you are obsessed with unimportant factors and don’t understanding the point of it). No, Christmas is about the 2nd person of the trinity becoming a man, living 33 years to give an example, and then providing the ultimate sacrifice to restore Humanity’s connection to God, so that we might not be damned eternally but experience eternity with him.

Lets try our best not to be shallow this Christmas. Lets try our best to love our enemies, to restore relationships, to acknowledge almighty God as sovereign, just, and loving. The best Christmas gift is not stuff. No. The best Christmas gift is Salvation. Give that to someone.

Merry Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “Finals

  1. Great post! Merry Christmas!

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