My Parents

This Blog is dedicated to my parents. Both my mother and father have done so much to raise me right. My mother has worked hard so I could have toys for my early Christmas’s. My father worked hard as well. I would not get to see him until around 5:00 or 6:00 pm because he was working to provide for us.

My father taught me many things but most importantly he taught me to decipher between wrong and right, good and bad, and evil and glory. My father also spent time with me when he could. From riding the sleigh down the mountain in North Carolina when the snow was at its highest, to fishing in lakes and helping me catch tons of fresh water trout. Because my father spent time with me and taught me the value of quality time I now replicate that with all my friends. I am a Psychology minor and have studied Frueds Psycho-analytical theory and many other theories that stress the importance of Childhood and how it effects a persons character and personality. I can say that my father played an important role in making me who I am today.

My mother was very influential in promoting God  in my life during my early life. Every time I would ride in the car with her, which was often, Christian music would always be playing. Because of my mother my entire life and my day to day was filled with God. God on the radio, God within her morals, God within her work ethic, and God within everything. My mother coming from a background with mixed theology found her way into a relationship with the True God. It is because of her that my father and I are Christ followers.

Both my parents played a large role in my personal finding of Jesus Christ. Without my parents influence I may not have ever given my life to Jesus Christ. Without my parents I would not have a love for people in the way I do. Without my parents I may not see my existence as having importance in being based off glorifying God in every way I can.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

My Parents in 1989

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2 thoughts on “My Parents

  1. wow great nick,love it

  2. Your parents raised you very well:)A greatful and humble spirit is something to treasure and worth its weight in gold!

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