Day 4 cont. (Making of scrolls) (Hamster wheel?)

Yesterday, I was able to see the process of how the Israelites wrote their scrolls. From the way they mix their ink to the way they preserve the writing. It is all intriguing. Since copying the torah is a tradition, it is still practiced today. I was able to watch the process of a Scribe make the ink, write with a turkey feather, and read the scriptures written. Israelites do not read scripture like we do. They read it in such a way where it almost sounds like singing. It is beautiful.

Another important thing to note is before the Israelites had access to turkey feathers to use as writing utensils they used reeds. They said that it is good to be like a reed. To be able to bend when a storm comes so that one does not break, then straighten back out when the storm passes.

What you see in the picture directly below is Parchment made from deerskin.

What is so incredible about this is the precise actions needed to successfully accomplish this task. The concision of every phase of this procedure is mind blowing.

The picture above is of another 200 year old scroll. If I remember right this one contains the entire Old Testament and the Parchment is made of Sheepskin. It is an absolutely massive scroll. You can see the man next the scroll proving its enormity. The Dead Sea scrolls have this same format. This tradition has continued with minor change for over 2000 years.

When the jews were slaves to the Egyptians, they had access to the Nile. The Nile provided a constant source of water. Even if it did not rain for months and months the Egyptians would have a supply of water. Obviously when God brought his people out from captivity from the Egyptians the Jews had to begin learning other ways to store water since they did not have access to a river like the Nile.

This picture provides an example of how the Egyptians took water from the Nile.

Yes, it looks like a hamster wheel and it operates like a hamster wheel. As a person walks on this wheel, much like a treadmill, water is scooped up into pots from the river and then dumped into manmade miniature wooden river that runs the water downward toward an area where the water is collected. Imagine if you had the job of getting water everyday. It would be like going to the gym and walking on the treadmill all day. So much fun right!?

The plus side is you would be in some seriously good shape. You could beat Lance Armstrong in a bike race just by walking!

I’m seeing very interesting things in this country. Even the less interesting things such as these two are awesome. That is not downplaying what I just wrote about, rather uplifting the other things I write about.


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