Day 12 (Speaker on Essenes and Dead Sea Scrolls)

Today we had a speaker come in who was working on his doctorate on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes. He gave the class an in depth presentation that lasted about 2 hours. I was able to focus for 3/4s of the presentation. His was well versed in his field of study. What made the biggest impression on me was not what he was studying but his relationship with the transcription of the bible. He had participated in many of the translations or transcriptions of the bible that now exist. He has worked with the Wycliffe Bible translators and has been a big help for people translating the Bible. His knowledge of the Septuagint and its difference with the modern transcriptions of the Bible were also very impressive. He gave us an incredible fact that the world has over 7,000 languages and only 470 languages have a full translated Bible.

He also discussed with us some verses from Daniel. He informed us that many modern scholars consider Daniel to be written in the 2nd century BC instead of the traditional acceptance of the 6th century BC. He gave both arguements for the dates but his bias is definitely in support of the traditional view of the 6th century BC. He stated, “Scholars consider Daniel to be written in the 2nd century BC while the book claims 6th century BC. We have many manuscripts from the 2nd century and they all differ slightly.” His point is good. If in fact Daniel was written in 2nd century BC then there would not be an abundance of manuscripts and the manuscripts that would exist would be very similar. You may ask why the issue of date composition is important and the answer could take an entire paper to write. The date is influential since Daniel is full of prophecies and pointing out the fulfillment of prophetic scriptures relies heavily on the date which the text was written.

After the speaker finished I went and shook his hand, thanking him for speaking. Even though the lecture was just a little dull it was very informing and I was appreciative of the time he took to speak with us.

The rest of my day consisted of studying, writing journals, preparing worship and exploring. I have the setlist for worship finished and also finished who all is playing what. All was good until someone tripped over the power chord for the Piano and broke it. So everything is going to change but it is no big deal. Everything will work out. We will just use then guitar.

Israel isn’t like America where you have a guitar center in each city. Here it is difficult to find anything musical. There is only one store nearby that carries instruments and it is about the size of my living room back home if not smaller.

Im very excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow is Shabbat which is exciting here. It is the day of rest for the people of Israel and Nickolas!

Shabbat Shalom!

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