Day 6 (Guest speaker and 1st Shabbat)

On this day we had our first exam. This exam was the easiest Dr. Davis exam I have ever taken. However just because the exam was easy does not mean that I have not learned a lot. I have learned more from the 1 week of being here than I have learned in the past couple months. This trip has been phenomenal on an education level.

We had a lady come into speak with us. This lady is a Messianic Jew and the mother of the cook at the Jerusalem Studies Center. She is an absolutely incredible woman of God. Her testimony is mind blowing and so encouraging. Long story short, the Lord told her to go to the Vatican to go and meet the pope. The Lord also told her that she was to ask 2 strange Americans she barely knew to go with her. She did what the Lord told her to do and everything worked out. She meet the pope and gave him a letter pertaining to the Jews.

She also told us that we should call Jesus Yeshua instead of Jesus because that is what he will be called when he comes back.

This first Shabbat was a lot of fun. We all sat down to eat at a nicely prepared table, sang the shabbat song, and thanked the Lord for the food. After we finished eating our Shabbat dinner I read for a little bit, played some cards, and went to bed.

Meeting this Messianic Jew was a beneficial experience since it gave me a very positive outlook towards the Jews. My respect for her and Christian Jews has definitely grown. I will keep these people in my prayers while I am here.


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