Day 13 (Worship, Hunger Games, Games)

Today was another great free day. These days are very necessary since we are always going nonstop. Free days are supposed to be a rest day so that we are not worn out, but I always end up doing anything except resting. Yesterday we started off the morning by eating Breakfast. After breakfast we moved on and took our exam. We had about a 30 minute period in between  the test and worship. Worship was great. Since we are getting used to our new home we were able to lower the screen and use the projector to show the lyrics to the songs we were doing. It was beneficial for keeping everyone together. However with the increased structure I felt as if we lost some of the personal focus on God. I moved on to songs that were not on the projector like the stand, Blessed be the name, and Cris played a song that went great. By far the best corporate worship we have had, in my opinion, since we have been here.

After worship I had an important decision to make. I had to decide to go see  the famous “Hunger Games” or stay behind and study. I choose the irresponsible route and went and watched, “The Hunger Games.” The movie was awesome by the way. The walk to the movie theater was nearly 3 miles. So we had to leave an about an hour early. About 45 minutes to get there, 2 and a half hours to watch the movie, and another 45 minutes to get back. This pilgrimage took about 4 hours and took up half of my day.

Once we returned from the movies we ate dinner and after dinner the party planning committee had some games for our groups to play. The games were lots of fun but went a little late.  My team got second place!

Oh another important event of this day was the slap bet me and Justin initiated. He won the bet and got to slap me on the back as hard as possible on the bar skin.


(I never noticed how many freckles I have on back. You learn something new everyday.)

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One thought on “Day 13 (Worship, Hunger Games, Games)

  1. Love that you’re doing the real deal God-led worship! Blesses my heart. Thanks for letting me travel to Israel through you. May you continue to be blessed and experience the greatness of our God. Adore you and yes you do have lots of freckles!!! Soooo funny!

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