Day 20 (Test, Gahanna, Kidron, Passion of the Christ)

Today was a fun day. It is Saturday so it is a free day. I had the opportunity to sleep in this morning. I woke up around 9:30am went downstairs ate breakfast and then took my exam. I got every question right except for one.

After the test was over I chilled at the Studies Center for a little while. Eventually I got talked into going on an Adventure with a few of my friends here. Tyler, Isa, Lindsey, Sunil, Morgan and I took off to go to Gahanna which translates into Hell. Basically we went to Hell to climb stuff.

This picture shows the view that we had near Hell or Gahanna. Now moving on to the most interesting thing that happened on this day. We kept on following the wall that was near Gahanna. What we did not realize is we were heading into an Arabic nieghborhood. Eventually we hit a cool looking archway.

This is an arch that we found as we kept going past Gahanna. I have no idea what it is or what it was but it was quite large and cool looking. Im assuming it had some sort of importance. We actually climbed on top of the arch

Here you can see the top of the arch.

Here is a picture I took from on top of the arch. There was a couple holes in it and as you can see it is would be a decent fall. The person you see underneath is my friend Sunil who is afraid of climbing things. He can be coined as the pansy of the group. I hope he reads this.

Now to the interesting part. There is a decent amount of hostility as you have seen from my previous posts. Today I got to experience that firsthand. Somehow we ended up on someones private property. I realized this fact once I saw a weird looking cave with a gate. Inside it were sheep and goats. I tried talking to the animals when I finally understood that these animals belong to someone. (Lightbulb Moment)! So we left that sight. We got to a place were we could climb down a small rock slope. All of a sudden we started seeing rocks flying ahead of us. An Arab was throwing rocks at us! These weren’t just peebles, they were decently sized rocks. So we got down quickly and got out of there. I know it sounds dangerous but for me the experience was quite exhilarating.

What we did next was head down into the Kidron valley and went to the tombs of Hezekiah and Absalom. First up was Hezekiah’s tomb.

This is Hezekiah’s tomb. As you can see it is literally one piece of rock. The reason for this is that is was carved straight out of this mountain. What is interesting is if modern American buildings were deserted today, I guarantee you that this Tomb would outlast an American building. I didn’t see any openings in this tomb so I was not able to get inside.

This is Absalom’s Tomb. This tomb had a couple opens in it. And yes of course we figured a way inside. We found a hole that was about 2 feet lower than the one you currently see and we hoisted each other up into it. Getting inside was not the hard part. It was getting back out that was scary. I’m assuming you know the story of Absalom and if you don’t I would encourage you to read it. I am pretty stoked to be able to say I was in his tomb. I don’t think this one was carved completely out of one stone. I may be wrong though. Inside the tomb there were stairs leading up to the top. We never figured out what was at ground level though. There were no stairs leading down to it.

After I came back everyone got together and watched the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson. I had the joy of watching this movie while being in the city where the actual event occurred. Not only that but I have been at the actual sites where Jesus was Crucified, buried and resurrected. Afterwards we worshiped together.

What I learned from this worship experience is that there is no need for Drums, electric guitar, amps, bass, symbols, etc… to have great worship. All we had was a guitar and our voices and this was the most incredible moments with Christ I have had this entire year. The Holy Spirit does not rely on correct atmosphere. Correct atmosphere relies on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is first and foremost. To place the Holy Spirit first and one acoustic guitar second is more powerful than placing an entire phenomenal band first and the Holy Spirit second. Let me be clear, having an awesome band is not bad, it is just not necessary.


I am truly enjoying this trip not because of where I am, but the people I am with. Everyone here is in a deep relationship with Jesus. They truly understand what it is to be a Christ follower. Being a Christian does not mean to be Republican. It does not mean you go to church. It does not mean you are religious. It does not mean you are meant to be successful and rich. What it means is to be a servant, to wash your neighbors feet, to turn the other cheek, to give your shirt off your back, to be last in line, to give into love and not anger, to show compassion and not hostility, and to kill the need of self satisfaction and to sacrifice everything for others.

We must stop being selfish and start being selfless if we truly want to replicate the Character of Jesus Christ.

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One thought on “Day 20 (Test, Gahanna, Kidron, Passion of the Christ)

  1. Amazing reminder of who God truly is and who we truly should be as Christians. Love your heart nick and how God is ministering his greatness to you! We are so right there with you. God is moving in great ways in worship time here with our small group. We are believing for revival! Love you buddy!! Blessings!

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