Day 19 (Via Dolorosa, Passover Meal)

Today we walked the Via Dolorosa. We actually managed to get some of our group on Fox News which was neat. The Via Dolorosa was slammed with people. People from all over the world come here to walk where Jesus walked while dragging the Cross on his back. What is humorous about all of this is it isn’t even where Jesus actually carried the cross. That layer of city has been covered up and there is no longer access to it. Even if we did have access it would still be a guess to assume where Jesus actually walked. We have this same issue with the Garden Tomb and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Both places claim they are where Jesus was crucified and buried, both places have their proofs for their arguments, and both places have proponents.

Anyways after the Via Dolorosa walk everyone came back to the Studies Center. Some people studied, some went to the shook (market), some went shopping, and others took naps. We all reconvened for dinner for our Passover Meal. The Passover Meal took a long time. There was a lot to it. Each type of food held its significance. My favorite memory of this meal was the many times we had to break bread and put stuff on it that signifies certain issues. We got to the place where we had to put horse radish on our bread. For the guys it was a competition to  see who could eat the most. I believe I won by the way. After we finished eating that terrible tasting stuff I look to the right to see one of the Girls, Angelina, eating horse radish because she actually enjoys it and she was eating more than us. Well I just moved on with my life after I saw that. Eating the Passover meal was a great experience. Ours had a twist though since it was Christian and not based off of Othodox Jewish beliefs. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way though.

I learned very much today about the culture of this city. I am growing more found of this place as each day passes and I am beginning to dread the day when I must leave. That day will be bittersweet for sure.


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