Day 26 (Hebrew University Professor, Synagogue)

Today was a very interesting day. We had a professor from the Hebrew University visit and speak with us on the Arab/Israeli conflict. He pointed out some very interesting facts that have added to my opinion on this subject and challenged me in many areas regarding my bias. Some of the more important things he said I am going to explain. One quote that he used from someone else was, “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children but not for killing their children. We will only have peace when they love their children more than they hate us.” This statement can be absolutely enraging for some people. I think it is important to understand that this statement cannot be applied on a general level but on certain individuals. People involved in Hamas and other radical Islamic groups are more on level with this quote than the average Palestinian Arab or Arab.

Moving on past this issue he began talking the placement of Israel. He said, “Israel is the middle of the middle of the middle.” If you look at Israel on the map you will notice that it is a connection between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Israel’s strategic location is a big deal. Before the modern era, to get from Asia to Africa or Africa to Europe or Europe to Asia one had to pass through Israel.

Often times when I hear people say certain statements that are completely untrue I simply stop listening. The denial of Arabs living in Palestine is one of those issues. America has Presidential candadates running for office that have outright denied the existence of a Palestinian state. I have even heard people say that Palestinians themselves as people don’t exist and that they are made up. However this professor mentioned that 20% of Israel is made up of Palestinians. This is something I was relieved to hear and began to focus in more as he spoke. (By the way, the reason I am so adamant about this issue is because I have been to Palestine and have seen Palestinians and I promise I was not hallucinating.)

This professor went on and on and on about issues that would take forever for me to splurge onto this blog. This man intrigued me so much that I purchased one of his many books. The book I bought is called, “Ahmadinejad on the charge of Incitement to commit Genocide.” This book looks very interesting and I believe this man is a reliable source and I am very glad that Dr. Davis had him come in a speak to us. The reason I bought this book is so I can begin to grasp an understand on foreign policy regarding Iran. The issue of Iran getting a nuclear weapon which presupposes they don’t have one now. My knowledge on this subject is very limited and I prefer to be informed before making stances.

I got to speak with him privately afterwards and he told about a encounter he had with Senator Santorum. He seems to regard the man positively. He had the opportunity to consult with the Senator. I found his story very interesting and was glad he gave us the time to speak with him privately. Not only was he very intelligent but he was also very humble. By the way this man is not a Christian.

His name is Justus Reid Weiner


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