Day 30 (Holocaust Museum)

Today we went to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. I had the honor to go the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC before. Being in America to examine one of the worst genocides recorded is one thing but to study it in Israel with the Jews themselves is another. The main part that stuck out to me at the Museum in America is what was placed at the end of the Museum. The entire place is Chronological from beginning to end. The end showed the liberation of the Concentration Camps by the Allied Forces. Since this was the American Holocaust Museum it showed many Americans on videos dealing with the situation. I vaguely remember watching one of the American soldiers after he had collected all of the dead bodies of the Jews and cleaning the place up walking up to a German soldier and hitting him in the face out of Anger.

There were many things within this Museum but I will only go over a couple that really hit hard. Often times when I look at the Holocaust and study it, I don’t understand why there were so few rebellions. For the Jews to know they were walking to their death and to simply accept and not rebel does not make sense to me. Many people have answers to these questions but for me it still seems strange. The Museum gave a story of a Rabbi before he was murdered. The Rabbi said, “Do not think you will succeed in destroying the Jewish people. The Jewish people will live forever! Shema Israel!” After he said this all the Jews around him cried out, “Shema Israel!”

This Museum had Concrete columns from the fences of Auschwitz. It also had train tracks from Auschwitz. There were very many things that were original. This brought a feeling of closer connection to the horrific event itself. Of course it had many shoes from the victims just like the Washington DC one did but it also had original clothes, original train stuff for loading, original jewelry, and many other things that were originial. All this stuff really brought the Holocaust to life.

I had the opportunity to meet with these two wonderful people. They are both Jews who survived the Concentration Camps of the Holocaust. Their Stories are incredible.

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