Day 27 (Free day)

Today was a free day. I am getting used to having these free days. I believe there is a reason that the Lord asked his people to take a day off from work. There is something about taking a break and looking forward to a day of nothing where you can do whatever you want for the entire day. In America this would be viewed as something of a waste. An entire day of nothing means money to businesses. Here in Israel or at least in Jerusalem, the Sabbath is so deserted that it could be mistaken for a zombie apocalypse.

Anyways today like I have explained I basically did nothing important. I caught up on some school work. Played games with friends and simply relaxed. I am not looking forward to coming back to America and having no Sabbath. The Sabbath acts like a time masseuse and has provided me with ample energy to get through our packed weeks. Drinking a red bull cannot compare to this wonderful day of relaxation. Oh and Israel does have Red Bull here but for you people who like Monster, your out of luck.

Since not much happened today and there is not much to tell I would like to share the main thing that stood out to me. Today Pablo got slapped on the back 5 times because he lost his slap bet to Ben, Matt, Justin, Andrew, and Brad. I do not know why but there is something that excites people when Pablo is in an interesting situation and I am not exempt from that claim. The slap bet was that Pablo would not be able to go an entire day without using his Ipad. Well, he failed and the slapping took place. What I am about to show you will change your life. Often times to understand what is truly happening in a situation it is actually better to look at the expression of a person viewing the event rather than the actual event.

Here is a picture of the expressions on all of our faces as Pablo received his slaps.


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