Day 28 (Protestant Church)

Today we went to the oldest Protestant Church in Jerusalem. This church rocked. The congregation was sorta small but to have a Christian congregation at all in Israel is a pretty successful accomplishment. The Pastor was wonderful. We did walk to the church but it was relatively  close. The walk wasn’t bad at all but for me to do anything in the morning very early is difficult unless it contains something that is actually physically exciting and challenging. Some people are morning people and some people are night people. Usually I am a night person but once I get tired I’m done and I give in to sleep right away. So in all actuality, I am neither a morning person or a late night person. I can be a night person if I am not tired. Anyways this stuff isn’t very important.

Getting back on topic. Usually you would assume that an old orthodox church would be very legalistic and traditional with many rituals. This church was not at all like that. There was a boy playing acoustic guitar and singing for worship. The church has such crazy reverb that it was almost angelic. Im not sure that anyone else noticed but when I hear natural reverb after I have dealt with artificial computer reverb, it was very refreshing. The pastor was dressed very nice but not “American” nice. He was not wearing a slacks, jacket, tie, but the traditional outfit that you would see in old Protestant churches. This church is so old that it doesn’t claim a protestant denomination but sits with the general term of Protestant. The pastor made awesome jokes containing “Star Wars” and “World of Warcraft.” This dude was absolutely hilarious at the same time very intelligent concerning his theology.

Out of respect I did not take any pictures during the service.

Oh, and they were giving out free tea bags so I took like three. I literally drink around 6 to 7 teabags a day over here. I might need to buy some tea when I get back or I might have withdrawals.

Thats all for today!


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