Day 29 (Zip Lining, Jeep Safari, Giant Caves)

Today I had a great experience to do two things I have never done before. These things were zip lining and taking a real safari in a jeep. The zip lining wasn’t all that great. Somehow we got stuck with what is most likely the lamest zip line in the area. The jeep safari was much more exciting for me. The jeep went through some rough terrain making the safari that much more exciting. We saw many animals. Sheep mostly plus a few others. For me this jeep safari was the most exciting thing we did today. Like I said the zip lining was pretty lame. Even Dr. Davis was a little disappointed. Hence why I didn’t take a picture of it.

The jeep had to stop at one point to let all of these sheep pass by. The entire place smelt like a farm.

Sheep in the shade!

We took a break and walked up a mountain. I found this sheep skull. I thought it was pretty cool. Despite the lame Zip lining this day was awesome.

After this we went to some very impressive caves. I don’t think theses caves had any important biblical significance to them. They were absolutely gorgeous though. The original plan was to walk the path which may have been about 2 1/2 to 3 miles long. Our first stop was an old church.

This is the remains of a very old Crusader church. We most likely walked around a mile to get here. The path was just a massive field of Flowers.

This is a great picture to show the flowers. You  can see on the hill near the old church how it is lit up with yellow. It was a great trial to walk and was very beautiful. We reached a couple caves that we wandered in but nothing absolutely extraordinary. One of the caves we stopped at I slipped down through many plants. I don’t what the plants were but they caused me severe burning pain for the first couple minutes. After that it just itched. It was very unpleasant. Once we got to the end we saw what the big deal of this place was.

These are called the Bell Caves and they are absolutely enormous. These are the largest caves I have ever been in. The enormity  is not even the most impressive thing about these caves considering they go on and on and there are more than just one cave. My group consisting of Nathan, Edward, Isa, Angelina and I were the only ones to reach these caves. I guess that everyone else got lost or just didn’t follow the trail. No one except our group got to see these incredible caves which is to bad because they were so awesome.

Once we arrived back at the Studies Center we ate dinner and watched, “The Boy with the Striped Pajamas.” I have already seen this movie in high school and since it is so utterly depressing I sat in the back and did homework. I don’t like re-watching depressing movies. If you haven’t seen this movie I would highly recommend you see it.

Here is a video of when we first discovered the Bell Caves. You can hear Angelina yell, “This is Awesome!”

Sorry my forte is not in video.


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