Day 31 (Beach Day)

Today we all went to the beach. I wouldn’t necessarily coin this as a real beach since it is off of the Mediterranean Sea instead of a large ocean. The waves were small unlike east coast Florida Waves. Even the west coast Florida beaches had bigger waves. The beach was absolutely gorgeous though. The water was clear and cool and there was an abundance of shells. Often times I find that when there is an abundance of something beautiful it is not as important as if there was rarity to something that is beautiful. I believe I may have thought this subconsciously which caused me not to collected any shells. I can’t express the amount of shells that I saw. I wish I had taken a picture.

In America there are a few things that would cause someone to leave the beach. One of these would be being rained out. Today we didn’t get rained out but dusted out. There was a dust storm heading towards us so we had to leave. We saw the dust storm coming which looked like a massive big cloud on ground level. It was a very interesting experience. On the bus I began reading the 3rd book from the Hunger Games called, “MockingJay.” I love these books and am very excited to finish up the trilogy. I have also started my Witherington book for my classes here and need to finish that soon and write my report on it.

Once we got back to the Studies Center Lindsey, Tyler, Kendall and I went to the Shuk (marketplace) to get some Ice Cream. The wind today was insane. It nearly felt like a Hurricane. At one point the wind blew my hat off and I had to go chasing it down the street. Many of the Jews had to hold there Kippah’s on their head so it would not blow off.

Today was fun day. I am not looking forward to leaving all of my friends and coming home but I am excited to see all my friends in Florida. I will be home in three days. I am counting down and am excited for the rest of the summer.


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