Day 33 (Jerusalem Institute of Justice, Shofar)

Today we had a very intelligent speaker come in a speak with us. His name was Caleb Myers. He founded the Institute of Justice which has done many things to help let Christian Jews gain citizenship within Israel. He spoke with us about prophetic scriptures being fulfilled. I have heard from an intelligent Palestinian Christian a view that is quite different. While there were many things I agreed with with the Palestinian I found that my view of Prophecy lines up a little more with what Caleb had to say. While I still hold to the fact that the new State of Israel is a miracle from God and a fulfillment of prophetic scripture, there are others on this trip that would disagree and hold more liberal views on the issue. I enjoy diversity since it often calls for healthy conversation which leads to a more solid conclusion.

Caleb Myers referred to Ezekiel 36 and 37. By reading through these scriptures it is very easy to see how it correspond with modern happenings. I would encourage you to read through these scriptures.I agree with what he said. It was refreshing to see his point of view and to hear his story as well.

Afterwards I went to the Old City to visit a shop owner who I have previously made a deal with to buy a shofar.

This is a good example of what my shofar looks like. There are much larger ones and much smaller ones. I got one about the size of my bookbag so I can take it with me on the water when fishing, or out in the woods when hiking and out on the mountains when climbing. This way I can blow it epicly. It may sound silly but Im excited to use my shofar. They are pretty loud.

What a shofar is, is a rams horn. Shofars have historical significance in the fact that the Jews would blow them before wars. They were also used to initiate holidays and for religious issues.

Today was an exciting day. Tomorrow I head home. Excited to see all my friends again and eat skittles!


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2 thoughts on “Day 33 (Jerusalem Institute of Justice, Shofar)

  1. I’m pretty sure I told you his name was Calev….with a V…. 😉 but a “b” and “v” sound the same if spoken across a room with a bunch of loud and chaotic people around….
    LOL 😉

  2. Pretty sure I told you his name was Calev…you know, with a ‘v’. But I guess from across the lobby, a “v” could sound like a “b”…. 😉 hahaha.

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