Tarptent Notch

This has been my shelter for a little under a year and I could not be happier.

Tarptent Notch Shelter

Tarptent Notch Shelter

This thing has two Vestibules and both open and close. This works amazing as I can enter from one side and store my pack and other items in the other side. Unlike the Tarptent Contrail where you enter and exit where you store your gear. I am only 5’6 so I might not be the best person to talk about how spacious it is but it works for me. There is plenty of room. My head never brushes the mesh inner when I sit up. It is a two piece tarptent and can be taken apart. You can use only the mesh if you want however using only the mesh requires to extra quylines to attach to the tops of where the trekking poles hold the tent up.

Now the only downside to this is that it uses two trekking poles. So if you are not a two trekking poles person ufortuantely this tarptent is not for you. Also if you end up breaking a pole then you are going to have a major problem. I would recommend this strongly to the person that uses aluminum style trekking poles since a break with those usually only means a bend. If you use carbon fiber and you break your pole it will shatter and you will be left with a droopy tarptent. I’ve been in storms, in heavy rain and high humidity with this tarp and have yet to find a problem warranting me to look into a different shelter. The condensation is not nearly as bad as many make it out to be.

It is lightweight at 26 ounces and is silnylon. It does stretch a little a night but thats really not a big deal. I use the 8 inch stakes rather than the 6 inch because when I hike in Florida the soil is much softer.

Conclusion: This tarptent rocks. I give it a 9 out of 10. A 9 because I did need to seem seal it myself and I feel like its to expensive. I mean its more expensive than the rainbow and the rainbow has tent poles and can be free standing. I don’t know. Maybe Im missing something. But yea, this tarptent rocks.

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