Mind Militia #1

“Every great fiction movie,

Every great fiction book,

Every great fiction story,

have one thing in common.

A battle between good and evil. But what is good and evil that makes us so irrationally angry, sad, or ecstatic? Every human has evolved to a level far more advanced than their ancestors. Due to the unwavering and unmistakable natural selection which by itself has brought about the epitome of greatness found in homo sapiens we no are no longer held captive by animal morality. This is why we must make advances to embrace morality for what it really is. The advancement of the human species. During the latest process of evolution, emotionalism was coupled with morality for the purpose of a continuation of the progression of the human species. If human logic would have found the unimportance of moralities true origins (basically not from a transcendent being) humanity would have abandoned morality altogether and reverted back to beast mentality. However, evolution has once again succeeded. It used morality to bring us to where we are today. Morality exists only to prolong and advance the human race. Let us abandon our strong held emotional moral beliefs and look towards the advancement of humanity. Now that we understand this foundational truth of morality we can move forward, set aside our differences, and become (most likely) one of the greatest species in the universe. Set aside all morality that is illogical for our advancement. Hold strong to all morality that truly promotes progression. Not letting our vague and pointless emotions determine our actions which should be found solely in our own evolutionary advancement. No we don’t need to murder anyone or commit genocide. Just leave the poor alone. Let their lack of intelligence be their end. Let the weak mourn and do not comfort them. Let their lack of strength be their ruin. The religious will soon die out as their beliefs become so illogical that any connection to religious statutes leaves them jobless, poor, and starving. That kind of unevolved mistake will soon perish. So, what is good and evil that makes us so irrationally angry, sad, or ecstatic? It is our own progression towards Godhood. Embrace your salvation” -Fallen man

Sometimes I like to play Devil’s advocate in my mind. Most of what I have written above I have heard out of the mouths of real people. The last bit is what the progression of such logic should bring a human to understand. Due to our culture, expansion on this logic to its fullest degree will not be realized due to its overwhelming immoral and sadistic conclusion. It’s a conclusion that Hitler understood. However, It would be much to intolerant for this time period. Ironically, to ignore this conclusion is to be stuck in the world of which modern man claims to be escaping. “Absolutes founded by God.” Richard Dawkins can make snide comments about abortion, which is completely justified by his evolutionary worldview, but be forced to apologize by todays culture, a culture that accepts and practices Dawkins exact worldview. This has brought me to my own conclusion. That humans are become stupider and stupider. Demanding tolerance, practicing intolerance. Espousing philosophies, ignoring their conclusions. We live in a world ruled by emotional, illogical, confused, and intolerant people that demand importance and purpose. Today we are looking at the most unevolved man to ever exist. A man constantly becoming stupider as time moves further and further from the days of perfection. The mind of fallen man is a sick, destructive, degenerative and dangerous place. The mind of God is a redemptive, restoring, regenerating and safe place. The mind of God is Truth. The mind of God can easily be found. Just take a trip to a bookstore or check the drawer in-between the two beds of a holiday inn.

There are so many problems with the philosophies of man that if I were not found by Christ I would try to believe nothing. Not nothing like you think. Nothing is always something. A person who believes in nothing truly believes in something because they cannot fathom nothing. Their nothing is not nothing but something. Their nothing may be to disbelieve all religions, atheism, which is the belief in disbelief. Their nothing may be to believe it is impossible to truly know the answer, agnosticism, which is the belief of “idk.” Their nothing may be to believe in confusion. This is a new one to me that I just recently stumbled upon. That once an answer to existence is determined to be correct you stop living, therefore confusion is mandatory for existence. This may be the strangest of the nothing philosophies I have heard so far. I tell you right now that it is impossible to believe in nothing. Why? We have never experienced nothing because we are something that lives somewhere created by someone.

I hope by reading I have helped you somehow in your search of existence. I can tell you without doubt that Jesus is the only answer to the most important questions ever asked. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

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