Trinity confusion?

The Trinity is perhaps one of the most confusing and difficult doctrines for Christians to grasp. In these next few weeks I will begin a process of uncovering the truth of the trinity. Tri-theism (the belief in three different Gods being Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father) verses Modalism (oneness). Commonly used examples such as water in its three forms and others will be taken into view. I will search for something in nature that can relate to the trinity (if something does exist). It is important to remember that a painting does not give a perfect description of the artist. The painting gives hints to the artist but lacks in describing the entirety of the artist. This will be a process that will take time and I am adding a whole new Category, as you will see on the right column, that will be dedicated to the trinity called “Trinity.”



This is a clip of Tim Keller addressing the Trinity in a short video. This is a good introduction to the series of Blogs I will be posting. This is an interesting overview of the topic. Enjoy! (Note: Just because I post someones opinion does not mean I completely agree with their point of view).

By the way have a Merry Christmas!

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